What is an escort?

In modern society there are professions that are rarely spoken out loud. One of these is the activity of escorts. Let's figure out what an escort is and what the representatives of the direction are doing.

The concept of a profession

If we turn to foreign languages, then the meaning of the word "escorte" in French is interpreted as "to see off" or "to lead." That is, in the literal sense, an escort is an escort. However, in modern society, many people misunderstand the meaning of the service, and consider the representatives of the profession to be ordinary prostitutes.

What is an escort girl?

So, escort - what is it?

If we take the modeling business, then an escort girl is a photo or catwalk model that accompanies rich, famous and influential men at events. Escort models have a very attractive appearance, most of them meet modern beauty standards. A mandatory requirement is knowledge of etiquette and the ability to maintain intelligent conversations.

Prostitution treated escorts and women's business in its own direction. Priestesses of love are called escorts if they belong to the elite class, and, in addition to their chic, spectacular appearance, they have high intelligence and extensive knowledge (they know foreign languages, know classical music and literature).

What is an escort?

Who is using the services?

There are events in the society of influential people, which are usually attended by a couple. If a man has no family and no accompaniment, then in a bohemian society he will feel uncomfortable and raise questions from his environment.

Therefore, rich people turn to the services of beautiful girls. With the help of a pretty lady, men can emphasize their importance and status. A girl must be spectacular, because at events, men indirectly compete who is cooler at the expense of a companion. Mandatory requirements for an accompanying girl are:

  • Good manners
  • Intelligence
  • Good speech

Businessmen, heads of medical clinics, entrepreneurs and other representatives of high society who do not have a girlfriend or wife order the services of escorts. Many of these people do not have time for a personal life and building relationships, so they resort to professional help and turn to the MGTimes agency.

What are the types of accompaniment?

There are several situations in which men resort to an escort:

  • As an accompaniment to significant events. These can be social receptions, presentations or dinners with business partners.
  • Spending time with a girl. In this case, the client orders a girl to visit art galleries, museums, exhibitions. Also, a man can go on a joint vacation with a companion - ride a yacht, participate in a sporting event or spend time outside the city. In this type of interaction, the client can turn to the services of several ladies.
  • Girl participation as a distraction. Men resort to the help of an escort to create a special atmosphere, a relaxed atmosphere during tense or difficult meetings, as well as working negotiations.

Who works in the field?

Basically, an escort is a girl. The vast majority of the profession is female. Proven, trained and corresponding to the requirements and taste of most men, girls work in agencies. You can contact our elite agency that provides escort services. Elite VIP girls for every taste, with attractive fit figures and high intelligence will become your escorts at any event and will not leave indifferent any member of your environment. Our girls are remembered and asked for services again!

In addition to women, men are also employed in the escort direction. Representatives of the stronger sex are less likely to be involved in this area, so their services are more expensive, and it is also more difficult to find a candidate.

The greatest demand in escort is among girls. It is important for men to have a companion, this is a kind of attribute of success. However, not every influential person wants to burden himself with a permanent relationship. In most cases, a woman serves as a kind of decoration and addition, and with her beauty, her mind emphasizes the status of a person.

What are the requirements for girls?

If you decide to turn to the services of escorts, then you are offered a wide selection of girls. All ladies in agencies meet certain requirements:

  • Have an attractive face and well-groomed body. Good looks is one of the main requirements for escorts. The face is a calling card, as is an attractive athletic body. Each girl has neat nails on her hands and feet, clear skin, a toned figure and a healthy smile. Escorts are obliged to monitor their appearance, the demand and earnings of professional women depend on these efforts. Many representatives of the profession spend most of their earnings on personal care and become more attractive every year.
  • Communication. Girls know how to keep up the conversation and "fit" into the company. Escorts cannot be introverts, because otherwise it will be difficult for them in a circle of people and tightness will not allow them to communicate normally and brighten up the conversation. Therefore, all the girls who go to work as an escort are nice and sociable. With them you can, without embarrassment, talk on any topic - from high art to bed intimate conversations. Many clients find that the best thing about dealing with girls is being able to change the subject without prejudice.
  • Stress resistance and self-confidence. Since girls have to work in very different conditions - they have to not only change companies, but also places, sometimes continents. Girls can adapt to the environment and feel comfortable anywhere with a company of strangers (or one person - the customer, if the lady goes on vacation with an escort).
  • Knowledge of etiquette. Girls should know the rules of communication, especially behavior in a restaurant. All escorts are open and friendly.
  • Punctuality. One of the most important qualities for the representatives of the profession. Girls are never late for an event and should plan their time in advance so as not to let customers down.

The height of the girls who got into the escort model is from 164 cm, the parameters of their figure are close to the model ones. Girls are presented both with natural forms and with large sizes created by plastic. Some beauties speak foreign languages and have higher education, which is an advantage if you want to take a girl on a trip abroad.

What is an escort in Dubai?

Where is the edge?

Sometimes a young man wants to spend a romantic evening in a pleasant company. In such a situation, the services of an escort are also suitable. What happens when a client wants to get closer to a girl and spend the night?

Officially, an escort does not imply the provision of sex services. In the literal sense, an escort should only accompany a person and contribute to a pleasant pastime. Escorts have nothing to do with prostitution. The boundary in concepts is clear.

However, in practice it is different. The terms of the contract do not include the provision of sexual services by the girl. Moreover, in Russia such activity is prohibited. Therefore, when the matter smoothly turns to the night, the decision about sex is solely on the conscience of the girl and the client. By mutual agreement, the couple can independently resolve this issue both positively and negatively. Of course, agency managers do not hold a candle and provide freedom of choice.

However, if the girl is against intimacy, but the client insists, the agency has a strict security system and the model can ask for help. Nothing should happen without the agreement of both parties.

The cost of services

Escort escort is the satisfaction of the needs of a wealthy customer in a beautiful woman nearby. It does not matter for what reason a man applies for a job as an escort. As a result, he gets an intelligent, spectacular, attractive girl who is pleasing to the eye and pleasant to the soul.

On average, the cost of support is about 30,000 rubles per hour. The price depends on the experience of the girl, her external data and personal qualities. With the participation of a professional escort on a client's vacation or when going on a long trip, the cost is calculated at a different rate and the minimum is from 250,000 - 300,000 rubles. In addition, the client assumes all expenses for accommodation, food and entertainment.

The client may have their own preferences and wishes for the appearance of a woman. For example, if a man wants to see a lady with a certain evening hairstyle or makeup, he pays for the services of a makeup artist and hairdresser on his own. The situation is also the case if a rich man wishes to dress up an escort to his liking - you will also have to buy clothes.

In addition to wages, if the client really likes the girl, he can leave her a tip if desired, as well as invite her to the next escorts.

When trying to compare escorts with prostitutes, cars are often used as an example. Prostitutes are the old nine, and the escort is the Lamborghini. The fact that the first is available to everyone, and the second - to units. Escorts are like a tasty piece of cake. And the functions of the girls are completely different. If a prostitute is a woman to satisfy sexual fantasies, then an escort is a person, a person who works hard both on appearance and on self-education.

Legitimacy of activities

Escort is absolutely legal work. Model girls work with official employment and are in agencies. They receive salaries, pay taxes, have holidays and can accept payment for services both in cash and by bank transfer.

The influence of escorts on modern women

Currently, there is a significant influence of the appearance of escort models on ordinary women. No wonder, because escorts are VIP girls, beauties who interact with bohemians, participate in elite events and accompany the most successful men.

Modern women strive to imitate such girls and spend huge amounts of money on personal care in order to become like beautiful models. Thanks to the photos of escorts and their Instagram pages, the following have gained a foothold in fashion:

  • long hair and so hair extensions flourish,
  • doll eyelashes - eyelash extension artists are constantly busy with clients;
  • sunburn – more women use tanning beds,
  • large breasts - mammoplasty has become the most popular operation among surgeons;
  • sporty toned body. Here it goes to extremes, when women, regardless of height, dream of weighing in the range of 50-55 kg.

All this suggests that girls set fashion and meet the modern standard of beauty.

An escort next to a successful man is a kind of measure of success, like a cool car. Such a girl causes admiration and envy among colleagues, so rich men often even compete to see who has the most spectacular escort, and do not skimp on paying for the services of models.

From the revelations of escorts

There are many forums on the network where escorts share their stories and opinions about the profession. Naturally, anonymously, since confidentiality is important in this industry (which our agency guarantees).

In addition to escorts, most girls lead a normal life - they study at universities, work in positions in organizations. Friends and parents may not even suspect that the lady is busy accompanied by chic men.

Escort gives many girls a start in life. With the help of the profession, it becomes possible to travel, attend closed events and meet people who are unrealistic to meet on the street and who walk with bodyguards.

Of course, there are difficult moments in the work of models and inadequate clients with strange requirements come across. However, such cases are rare and the agency tries to keep a blacklist of men. Moscow companies interact and transfer data to each other.

The positive side of the activity is the high wages of girls. It is almost impossible to get such a salary at a standard job. Therefore, once in an escort, beauties try to stay in the industry and improve both their appearance and intellect (they study languages, read literature, get acquainted with art). Work develops girls, they grow both materially and spiritually.

Some girls can even find their destiny and then the client becomes a husband. Oddly enough, many rich and seemingly successful men are deeply lonely at heart, because work takes up all the time. They suspect that ordinary women communicate with them because of money, and therefore there is no sincerity in such relationships. Therefore, having ordered the services of an escort, a person knows that in front of him is not just a beautiful girl, but also a person who is at work. It is easier for a man to open up and open his inner world to a girl. Escorts are like a good psychologist or an expensive psychotherapist. They listen, give advice, support. If the girl liked, then she becomes a permanent performer for this customer.

Escorts note that the vast majority of clients are young men aged 38 to 45. They are interesting, competent and pleasant in appearance. That is, the stereotype that rich businessmen and the powers that be are unattractive and old perverts is nothing more than a myth. The girls also note that their main function is the ability to listen. If the meeting is private or romantic, then it takes place in a pleasant spirit.

What is an escorting service?

How are services ordered?

Communication of a man takes place with the manager. He expresses preferences, looks at the gallery and profiles of girls. It is important to give real information, as the agency cares about the safety of the girls. A man must provide his real name, place of work, purpose of the meeting, indicate the time. Managers specify whether the chosen girl is free and whether she agrees to accompany this client. The rights of both parties are approximately the same, so the model can refuse responsibilities.

It is important that the client and the model are pleasant to each other. Then the girl will behave more freely and communication will be of high quality and relaxed. If necessary, the client can come and look at the girl he likes to see if he likes the beauty in real life.

Sometimes girls have no idea who they are dating, and only know the name and place of the meeting. Then the success of the meeting depends on how the couple get along on the spot. In case of trouble - in case of unworthy or offensive behavior of a man, the meeting can be curtailed and the escort goes home (such cases are extremely rare).

Most wealthy men do not need sex services, so escort is a separate industry in which a businessman can constantly surround himself with beautiful women for pleasant communication. By nature, men want to possess as many women as possible. An escort makes this wish come true.

Many clients are married and their wives are aware that the husband uses an escort. This happens if a woman can no longer match the attributes of a successful spouse for health reasons or external data.

Among wealthy men, it is not customary to get divorced. Having a wife and an experienced family is a sign of reliability, so 90% of clients are married men. In family life, they may lack understanding, warmth, kindness, or new emotions. Communication with a new girl allows men to pump the emotional component. A contradictory situation arises when, on the one hand, the family is valued in high society, and on the other hand, there should be a young, spectacular beauty that emphasizes the status of a person. Therefore, it turns out that often the wife knows about her husband's hobby. In other cases, the meetings are so confidential that the family will never be able to know that the head of the family spends time in the company of a pretty model.

Girls in the vast majority get sincere pleasure from work. A successful man is automatically high intelligence, good behavior and pleasant conversation.

The vast majority of escorts with a natural appearance are girls under 26 years old. If the girls are older, they use a wide range of care services, often resorting to plastic surgery. For adult girls, escorting is like a hobby, and in parallel, representatives have their main job in a different field.

And while romance does happen, it's more the exception than the rule. Therefore, escorts understand that if they are taken on vacation, then upon arrival in their hometown, the fairy tale ends and they may never meet with a client.

Most girls use a separate phone for work or disposable SIM cards, which they use to communicate with clients. By the way, during working hours, the escort is impossible to calculate. There is an unwritten rule that girls dress modestly enough and apply a minimum of makeup. The rest is according to the wishes of the client.

A little summary

Escort is a special type of activity that legally exists in Russia and is an escort by educated girls with the spectacular appearance of wealthy men.

An escort girl keeps company with an influential person at various short-term events - banquets, business meetings, and the work of an escort can be used on long trips.

An escort is a girl of a young age, with parameters like those of models. She carefully monitors herself, monitors fashion trends and corresponds to the concept of "cover girl". The beauties are distinguished by higher education, knowledge of etiquette and decent behavior.

Models of our agency "MGTimes" offer escort services. All girls comply with the canons of beauty, they know how to maintain an intelligent conversation and impress your company. The beauties have work experience, so they clearly know their rights and obligations and will help brighten up any event with their spectacular appearance and high intelligence.